Residential Field Services is your one-stop field service company!

Our highly trained Home Inspectors and Property Preservation specialists are the reason that we can offer timely and accurate results within budget. Our team communicates closely with our clients to ensure that our service is nothing less than superior.


Home Inspections

Our philosophy has always been to approach our side of the business as if we are on the receiving end of our order reports. A home inspection is only as good as the inspector. Residential Solutions has a team of the most experienced and trained Home Inspectors in Georgia. Whether you're a Home-Buyer, Homeowner, Investor or the Seller, we'll provide you with a detailed description of a home's condition so you will have a better understanding of the property.


Property Preservation 

Residential Solutions is a full service property preservation company for:  REALTORS, REO, HUD, Fannie Mae, Local Home Owners and property investors. Our services protect property assets that have entered the default or foreclosure process. We also maintain active rental properties. We help preserve the property from weather damage, vandalism, theft, safety issues and code violations. Please visit our Property Preservation and Lawn Care page for more information on our preservation services.


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